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Ipher's Realm of Testage.

New projects that i am considering making regular WIP builds will make their debut here. If you see your project here and want it removed, please email me at ipher1 at gmail dot com, with a subject line of "Remove my project".

Test Project #1: PCSX2

News: PCSX2 12/07 Test WIP

This release is completely untested on my end.
Plugin Pack now includes spu2PeopsSound
Post comments in the new forums.
  • 12/07/06 (changes since 0.9.2 R2)
  • Syphon Filter Filling Write fixes [zerofrog]
  • Change to pcsx2/Elfheader.c (No commit message) [zerofrog]
  • added more ffx crcs and frame limiting stuff [zerofrog]

Test Project #2: MegaMek

Rejected (I'm gonna stick to emulation for now)

Test Project #3: DOSBox

News: DOSBox 12/06 Test WIP

12/05 WIP didn't work (due to lack of curses.dll). This new package now includes curses.dll and my own changelog (for post-12/05 changes)

Whats New

  • use RAM for PCJr graphics memory [c2woody]
  • Add support for canonicalized directory entry readout (should fix fade to black videoplay) [harekiet]

News: DOSBox 12/05 Test WIP

I finally got DOSBox compiled (and lucky for me they just updated the changelog for the first time in 8 months today, check it out here. Anything under 0.64 should be new since the last official release).

I did not test this at all, and only the binary & changelog are included, so it may or may not work

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